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On The Issues Magazine: Winter 1997: WAY OFF BASE The shameful history of military rape in Okinawa by Rick Mercier

In addition to looking after the wounded, corps members had to carry food and water, deal with human waste, and bury the dead. To access supplies, they dodged bullets as they left their hiding place, carefully hauling back food and water, and toiling night and day in the noisome cave. Okinawans have learned from experience that this unending chain of crimes against women and girls is inseparable from the institution of the military.

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  • While girls nursed, the boys (14-19) were split between two units.
  • Today, the cave is the focal point of the Himeyuri Monument, where bodies of some 200 students found in various caves after the fighting ended have been entombed.

The students found a grenade and decided that they would pull the pin and die together. They were told if captured, they would be raped and murdered. However, their teacher, Seizen Nakasone persuaded them to wait and surrender instead. He promised, that if he felt something was wrong, he would signal for them to jump off the cliff. From November of 1944 military surgeons were offering nursing education to prepare for the mobilization of the students to work in army hospitals.

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Uechi Momoko described the aftermath of an explosion that collapsed the entrance of Cave No. 14. Crawling inside through the rubble she found the eviscerated bodies of patients and nurses, including her fellow Himeyuri. One of them was Uechi Sadako slammed against a cave wall with her brains coming out through a gash in her skull.

While the crime was committed away from a U.S. military base, the U.S. initially took the men into custody, on September 6. Although false rumors spread that the suspects were free to roam the base and had been seen eating hamburgers, the suspects were in fact held in a military brig until the Japanese officials charged them with the crime.

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Arriving to our interview, Janice Suetomi smiled, oshare in white pants, and a purple and lavender floral blouse. But, her smiles turned to sorrow, as she recalled her time in the caves. Pain, bitterness, and heartbreak showed on her face as she began to talk about the Battle of Okinawa that began in 1944. According to the Himeyuri Peace Museum, the Japanese lost 188,000 people in total. Of those, only 65,000 were mainland Japanese troops, the rest were Okinawans. That breaks down into 28,000 military, 57,000 non-military participants and 37,000 civilians, amounting to the loss of a quarter of the island’s population.

The concentration of the bases in Okinawa must be viewed as a manifestation of the discrimination that Okinawans have faced from mainland Japan ever since Okinawa was annexed in the 19th century. Many Okinawans feel that this discrimination was responsible for the Imperial Army’s decision to use Okinawa as a buffer during the final months of World War II. The dots may have been placed on the photo digitally to identify the students. Even now, there are tourist facilities and activity operators whose business hours and dates have changed. Please check the calendar status at the time of application and check the latest information with each operator even after the reservation is completed.

Ladies’ Night: Circling the Bases on Okinawa

In January 2019, for example, a maid at a hotel within Kadena Air Base reported that an American civilian employee of Marine Corps Community Services had been masturbating while she cleaned his room. He had stood up, exposed his penis, and then, with what appeared to be semen on his fingers, asked her for a tissue. The NCIS tried to locate the suspect in Okinawa, but they could not find him because he had quit his on-base job and checked out of the hotel earlier than scheduled. The report makes no mention that Okinawa police were notified of the American employee’s harassment of the maid, and the NCIS closed the case without finding the suspect. Although SOFA applies throughout Japan, Okinawa, which hosts the bulk of the U.S. presence, suffers the most, explains Takazato, and it is women who repeatedly become the victims of these failures in military and Japanese justice. In response to public fury following the crimes in 1995 and 2016, the U.S. and Japan promised to make improvements to SOFA, but these changes turned out to be merely cosmetic. The U.S. said it would give “sympathetic consideration” when Japan requested the pre-indictment handover of service members suspected of heinous crimes and reduced the categories of contractors protected by SOFA.

However, it was to be the last class to graduate from the schools. By mid-June, the now-malnourished students were still working in damp, disease-ridden caves packed with the bodies of dead civilians and soldiers.

E careened south toward Okinawa’s capital city, Naha, after eleven on a Saturday night. On the left, the U.S. military base fences flashed, silver and barbed wire. On the right were convenience stores and used American furniture shops with names like Graceland and U.S.A. Collectibles.

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