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Best App Design: 30 Examples & Templates Updated 2022

From the swiping mechanic to minimalist chat with several matches at once. What draws the audience in is the refinement of every element and a strong concept. Whether it’s an app for dating dog lovers or sportsmen, people want to find a like-minded person. So as long as we keep fighting loneliness, new dating apps will be made.

Finally, responsive web design can help to future-proof your website. With the increasing variety of devices and screen sizes available, it’s impossible to predict exactly what devices visitors will be using to access your website in the future. By designing with responsiveness in mind, you can ensure that your website will be able to adapt to future device types and sizes, without the need for a major redesign. Responsive web design can also help to reduce costs for website owners. Instead of having to maintain separate desktop and mobile versions of the site, a single responsive website can be updated and maintained more easily and efficiently.

All the hard work is done for you and you can even use Jevelin’s web designs. Of course, additional editing through WPBakery page builder is possible, too. From complete customization freedom to outstanding support, Divi builds confidence in everyone, willing to realize their website. With this in mind, even as a beginner or a first-timer, you can still successfully make the final product that will turn heads with Divi. You need to understand that there will be no coding necessary to work with Divi. With ease, you can expect outstanding results, thanks to the resourcefulness of Divi.

UX/UI websites not a good fit? Try something else:

This interactive promotional website promotes a course with insights into how users can achieve better results and goals without sacrificing any vital area of their lives. Built with VueJS and NuxtJS, the application is heavy on animations and offers an amazing full-screen homepage slider with beautifully animated transitions. The reality of user interface design is that every project will be different. The goal is to apply the guidelines discussed herein harmony with each other. After all, if you give them the ability to accomplish the job but they are not skilled enough to use your interface, what have you accomplished?

The app allows you to discover and post about stuff you love, and join communities of people who love the same stuff like you. You can repost other people’s posts to your own blog and can add comments if you like. Similar to Tinder in terms of presentation, Bumble is designed to flip the usual gender dynamics of dating from women to men. The app only allows women to message first, reducing the chances of setting awkward pickup lines or situations.

Epilogue: From Dating App Concept to Connecting Couples!

The design challenges, solutions, and UI details are displayed and explained to illustrate the design project. This case study aims to show how to develop a site that will provide its users with solutions, in this case to get what they need for their hobbies. Beautiful images, a storytelling style, and special layouts are used to explain everything. This is a social and discovery app that makes it quick and easy to get everything you need for your hobbies.

Zebra Striping Table

In this post, we’ll explore why AI won’t replace designers, but rather enhance their work. With the help of Mockitt, you can easily design a responsive table in a few clicks. A table header row provides the primary information for the users.

If your group of friends is interested in music, you’re obligated to share every great track you come across. Whether you send it to the group chat or through social media, sharing our favourite songs with our friends is one of the best ways to find new music. If only there was a way you could team up to create the ultimate playlist that all of your friends could add to whenever they please. Sometimes fitting the content into the limited screen space can be challenging. This UI designer managed to do it using a well-organized layout and user-friendly bottom navigation. Additionally, the masterly use of bold, eye-popping design and edgeless shapes proves that a banking/finance app doesn’t have to be drab.

And, with people spending even more time online, meeting a partner on the web is becoming something normal. If you are looking to start a page for dating, couples, even weddings and other related projects, with Divi, you can establish it with little effort. Divi has many features and functions, offering you unlimited options to start your own thing swiftly. Users get annoyed being shown numerous offers to buy something within a dating app. While app owners aim to earn maximum profit, they should wisely integrate all their marketing goals into the UI/UX logic. Softly bend users to apply for paid features, incorporating them into your dating app UI design.

Job Portal App has been specially made for designers and freelancers. This case study uses cute illustrations, simple words, and clear storytelling to explain how the designer worked out the ideal job hunting solutions for users. This case study is beautifully presented and gives a good presentation of the whole design process. The platform brings together their combined knowledge as automation pioneers, gained on thousands of successful implementations, from single processes to enterprise-wide workflows. The client needed a new layout that should be modern design & user friendly. Zingo is a high-resolution social app UI kit that contains 31 app screens and well-organized layers and symbols.

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